2023 Call to Reflection and Action.

The ASTE Equity Committee will be holding a 2-day virtual retreat, Call to Reflection and Action, where we will convene in groups to talk to authors about their DEI-related work and discuss future action to create more equitable spaces for all. The retreat will be on November 28th and 29th from 1-3 Eastern both days. Feel free to attend both or either day. We will send the articles to you ahead of time for you to read.  

Proposed Agenda for Tuesday, November 28th 

  • Welcome and introductions (30 min) 
  • Alexis Riley and Felicia Moore Mensah – My curriculum has no soul! A case study of the experiences of Black Women Science Teachers working at Charter Schools (JSTE)- discussion of article and reflection (30 min) 
  • David Kimori – A Sociotechnical Approach to Engineering Education: Engineering Social Justice for Elementary Preservice Teachers (Innovations)- discussion of article and reflection (30 min) 
  • Wrap up and JamBoard idea posting (30 min) 

Proposed Agenda for Wednesday, November 29th  

  • Welcome and goals (15 min) 
  • Catherine Quinlan – Framing and determining science content and standards for cultural representation of African American heritage in science content knowledge (Cultural Studies of Science Education)- discussion of article and reflection (30 min) 
  • JamBoard idea posting (15 min) 
  • Theme development from JamBoard and small group networking (30 min) 

Register for either or both days with the zoom link here. If you want to come to both days, please register with both links.  

Tuesday, November 28th – https://gmu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwpfuyorjgrHtyaJNuN3YdR0TvSAXVBPL6p

Wednesday November 29th –  

Any questions, please contact Erin Peters-Burton at epeters1@gmu.edu. Thank you!