Announcing Volume 9, Issue 2 of Innovations in Science Teacher Education

Release Date: April 1, 2024

We are delighted to announce the release of Volume 9, Issue 2 of Innovations in Science Teacher Education. This latest installment, while shorter (see Call for Submissions below), continues our commitment to advancing science teacher education by emphasizing the need to consider prospective teachers as critical decision-makers and implementers of ed-tech in their classrooms. Rather than considering how to implement educational technologies, this issue asks whyfor whom, and to what end we are doing so.

Call for Submissions: Due to the affordances of a rigorous review process, we ended up with fewer articles than anticipated this time. While plenty is in the works, we are eager to showcase your innovative projects and diverse perspectives on science teacher education. If you have research to share that aligns with these foci, we welcome your submissions and hope you will share Innovations with friends and colleagues. Please send your work, feedback, and ideas to We look forward to hearing from you!