ASTE award nominations-due March 1

Dear ASTE Members,

The ASTE Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for outstanding papers presented at our 2021 ASTE virtual conference. ASTE members are invited to submit an electronic copy of their manuscript by following the directions available at

Award IV – Innovation in Teaching Science Teachers

Award V – Implications of Research for Educational Practice

Awards IV and V include graduate student-only levels. Only graduate students who were the first author on a 2021 ASTE conference presentation are eligible. Submission for a graduate student level award must be accompanied by a letter from any faculty mentor co-authors explaining their involvement. Awardees will receive conference registration for the 2021 ASTE conference in Greenville, NC. Submissions may only be considered for one level of the award. Please see the website for more details.

All submissions must be identifiable as a presentation given at the 2021 ASTE virtual conference and closely resemble the paper distributed at the conference.  Submissions for both Awards IV and V are due March 1st and must comply with the submission guidelines (e.g. page limits, formatting, etc.). Please see for more information regarding submission guidelines and requirements.

If you have questions about Awards IV or V, please contact the Awards co-Chairs.

Thank you,

Jennifer Stark ( & Corinne Lardy (

Awards Committee co-Chairs