ASTE Executive Director

Call for Applications for Executive Director


We are currently in the process of accepting applications and nominations for the position of Executive Director for the Association for Science Teacher Education.

Individuals and/or teams of individuals can apply for this position. Support is provided by ASTE for the position including a yearly stipend, office expenses and travel to all meetings (including the summer board meeting). The Executive Director should be a member in good standing in ASTE and have excellent organizational skills. If applicable, this person should have strong institutional support for this position.

Term of Position

The position will last five years and will begin upon conferral of the Board of Directors (2020-2024). There will be a twelve-month phase in process starting January 2019 at the annual conference, in which the incoming Executive Director will be responsible for assisting the outgoing Executive Director.

Compensation Package

Annual Stipend: $15,000

Conference Stipend: $2,500 (beginning with 2020 annual conference)

Other expenses that will be covered by ASTE include an office allowance (e.g., computer, postage, etc.) and travel to the summer board meeting (beginning in 2020).

Reimbursement for travel for meeting planning for future conference sites can be negotiated.

Transition Period Stipend: $2,500 (for 2019) and travel expenses associated with attending 2019 summer board meeting

Executive Director Responsibilities (as delineated in the SOPs)

  1. Work with the Elections Committee and Director of Electronic Services to prepare a ballot for a slate of nominees for each office by the deadline.
  2. Act as parliamentarian at all official meetings of the Board of Directors.
  3. Act as the fiscal agent of the association and arrange for the filing of tax-exempt status, an account audit, and a tax audit and filing each year.
  4. Work with the President-Elect to prepare an upcoming budget for Board of Directors approval.
  5. Take and publish minutes from each Executive Committee and Board of Directors’ meetings.
  6. Maintain an up-to-date and accurate copy of the Statement of Operating Procedures. Updates should minimally follow each Board of Directors’ meeting. An up-to-date version of the SOPs will be maintained in a publicly accessible location, such as the ASTE web site.
  7. Work with the Awards Committee to obtain plaques for awardees and other honorees.
  8. Assist the Conference Planning Committees with preparations for the annual conference, especially with regard to developing a hotel contract and coordinating all hotel contracts and arrangements.
  9. Negotiate and sign hotel contract for the annual conference and Board of Directors’ meetings.
  10. Work with the Director of Electronic Services to coordinate advance and on-site conference registration.
  11. Solicit membership renewals through an annual mailing and work with the Membership Committee to maintain and increase membership.
  12. Process membership payments and membership record keeping.
  13. Provide membership lists to the Newsletter Editor, Director of Electronic Services, regional directors and other officers, as needed.
  14. Handle members’ journal subscriptions.
  15. Handle sales of monographs, books and other association publications.
  16. Maintain the association’s minutes and other historical documents.
  17. Serve on Association committees, as requested.
  18. Carry out the tasks designated by the Board of Directors that ensure the health of the Association.
  19. Report on the fiscal health of the Association in the Spring Newsletter, at Executive Committee meetings, at Board of Directors’ meetings, and during the Business luncheon.
  20. Create semi-annual financial reports for the Executive Board.
  21. Submit Board of Directors reports as requested.
  22. Manage contact information requests and information rental requests.

Interested persons and/or teams should also review the Executive Director description in the ASTE Statement of Operating Procedures (SOPs), which can be found on the ASTE website under the “About” link at

Interested persons or teams should submit a letter of interest by April 15, 2018.  Full applications for the position are due by June 15th, 2018, and should include a letter of application, vita(s), and, if appropriate, a statement detailing institutional support. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Letters and applications should be emailed to Dr. Patricia “Tisha” Morrell, 2018 ASTE President and Chair of the Search Committee:  For additional information please contact Tisha Morrell (, 503-943-8013).

Executive Director Search Committee Members

Patricia Morrell (chair), Catherine Martin-Dunlop, Malcolm Butler, Jessica Riccio, Ronald Hermann

Interested parties are encouraged to speak with Bob Hollon, ASTE Executive Director, at the Baltimore Conference in January 2018 to get a better understanding of the position.