ASTE Mentoring Program

The Membership and Participation Committee is excited to facilitate connecting mentors and mentees at the 2022 ASTE Conference. We would love to make these connections as meaningful and seamless as possible, so we have created forms to collect a bit of information from you if you are interested in being involved as a mentor or mentee. You can find these forms below. Our goal is to match people by early December and send matches out to you around that time. In order to achieve our goal, we ask that you provide us with the information in the forms below by no later than November 24th. Once you have your mentor/mentee match, we will let you know of opportunities we have set aside during the conference when you can meet up. We look forward to the mentor/mentee connections that will be made during this year’s conference!

Mentor/Mentee Match Information Forms: Please fill out the form which best fits your desired role for the 2022 ASTE Conference.

I’m interested in BEING A MENTOR at the 2022 ASTE Conference:

I’m interested in BEING A MENTEE at the 2022 ASTE Conference:

If you have any questions, please contact Mandy Smith: