ASTE Newsletter

Welcome to the online version of the latest ASTE Newsletter. The Newsletter is a grassroots publication documenting organization events and providing  news and recognition associated with members achievements. The Newsletter is published four times a year.

Issue Items due by

  • Summer Aug. 15
  • Autumn Oct. 15
  • Winter Feb. 15
  • Spring May 15

All members are invited to submit items.

Editors: Ian Binns and Mark Bloom

Email: or



Newsletter Sleuth Challenge: Use the clue below to locate the ‘easter egg’ to become a Newsletter Sleuth! Remember to click on it.

Clue: There is an old Hoodoo belief that there is a time of day when evil magic can be performed. The title of a popular 1994 book (and 1997 film), set in Savannah (where our next conference will take place), identifies the time. Find (and click) on this time found somewhere within the Newsletter and you will receive instructions on how to be identified as a Newsletter Sleuth for the spring edition!  Happy hunting!

P.S. It’s NOT a real egg! You know who you are.