Awards News

Dear ASTE Members,

ASTE makes available three Science Education Career Awards, Award I for Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year, Award II for Outstanding Mentor, and Award III for Honorary Emeritus Membership, that recognize the personal achievements and professional contributions of its members. An ASTE member, who is cognizant of the qualifications of an ASTE member nominee, must submit the nomination. The nominee should be informed about the award nomination and nominators must follow guidelines in preparing nomination materials. The responsibility for the preparation of documentary evidence rests with the nominator.

The ASTE Awards Committee is accepting nominations for the Awards IV and V– the outstanding paper in each category (described below) presented at our 2018 ASTE conference in Baltimore, MD.

Award IV – Innovation in Teaching Science Teachers (DUE MARCH 1st). This award seeks to encourage the development and dissemination of new designs for courses and curricula, new instructional methods or approaches, and other types of innovations in the pre- or in-service education of teachers of science. Manuscripts may deal with practices for the preparation of elementary, middle school, or secondary teachers.

Award V – Implications of Research for Educational Practice (DUE MARCH 1st). Manuscripts submitted for this award should identify a persistent and recurring problem in the practice of science teacher education. The manuscript should clearly articulate a philosophical point or position to resolve the problem based upon a comprehensive synthesis of relevant research that interprets theoretical and empirical research for practice. Alternatively, the manuscript may discuss a research study and its implications for science teaching and learning.

ASTE members are invited to submit an electronic copy of a manuscript presented at the ASTE 2018 conference.

All submissions must be identifiable as a presentation given at the 2018 ASTE conference and closely resemble the paper distributed at the conference.  Submissions for both Award IV and V are due March 1st and must comply with the submission guidelines (e.g. page limits, formatting, etc.). Please see for more information regarding submission guidelines and requirements.

Thank you,

Lisa Borgerding, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Science Education

Kent State University