ASTE Spring 2021 Newsletter is available

Quarterly Newsletter
Volume 55  Issue 3  Spring 2021

Highlights from this Issue…

President’s Message: Report of the 2020 Grand Member Survey – Institutional Memory Loss?
Read more here about the results of the 2020 Grand Member Survey and how you can contribute to building ASTE’s institutional memory and vision for the future.

2022 ASTE International Conference
Get ready for the 2022 ASTE conference in Greenville, South Carolina! We will once again be gathering in person with opportunities to reconnect with friends and colleagues, network, present your cutting-edge research and innovation, and learn from one another.  

Member Contributions

  • Learning to Teach in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic By Amy Trauth
  • Game on! The gamification of predator & prey relationships for elementary teachers using Jenga by Dr. Dieuwertje J. Kast & Jasmin Sanchez
  • Bridging Theory and Practice for Cultural Representation of Blacks in STEM By Catherine Quinlan

Member Publications
         Mapping the Way from Teacher Preparation to edTPA Completion: A Guide for Secondary Education Candidates
          Authors:  Jason C. Fitzgerald & Michelle L. Schpakow

          Step Into STEAM, Grades K-5
            Authors: Sarah B. Bush & Kristin L. Cook

News & Other Member Items

  • Nominations for ASTE Awards I, II, and III due June 1
  • SASTE, SWASTE, and Mid-Atlantic Region to host Fall conferences
  • Grad Student Forum launches Mini-in-May professional development workshop
  • Larry Nielsen launches conservation history blog – Today in Conservation
  • Globalizing Rural Science Teacher Preparation in the United States 
  • In Memoriam: Dr. Norm Lederman
  • Temple College of Education announces Amity Gann Memorial Student-Teacher Resource Fund 
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University participates in Recruitment & Retention forum