Get Involved in ASTE!

There are many ways to get involved in ASTE including volunteer, appointed, and elected positions.

  • One way that typically requires very little experience, and a relatively short time commitment is Conference Volunteer Positions.
  • Appointed positions are held for a specific term of service (typically multi-year) and are selected through an application process and board approval.
  • Elected positions are decided through a nomination process overseen by the Elections Committee and a vote of the membership.

You can read more about each of these categories and how to get involved below.

Conference Volunteer Positions

  • Conference Session Presider – Presiders greet speakers, keep time, and facilitate the Q&A at our conference sessions. All members are invited to submit an application to volunteer as a presider.
  • Conference Proposal Reviewer – Proposal reviewers use the ASTE criteria to provide feedback to authors on their conference proposals. This is also a great service opportunity to help you improve your own proposal writing skills! All members are invited to submit an application to serve as a proposal reviewer– no prior experience is necessary!
  • Conference Mentor – Share your experience and expertise and be a mentor at this year’s ASTE conference!! Sign up here. The Membership & Participation Committee is seeking mentors to help support and engage ASTE conference attendees. Last year we had a nice showing (over 60 people involved; approximately 35 pairs) and we would like to continue that trend. We’re seeking folks who’ve attended an ASTE conference and are willing to share their experiences with ASTE and their expertise. Please consider giving your time and energy in helping us grow the ASTE community! If you have any questions ahead of signing up, please contact Daniel Alston at

Appointed Positions

  • Conference Thread Coordinators
    • Two co-chairs oversee the proposal review process and make selections for each of our fifteen conference threads. The term of service is two years, and members are asked to submit an application to serve as a Thread Coordinator.
  • Conference Program Coordinator
    • The Conference Program Coordinator works with the Conference Planning Committee and puts together tha program for the annual meeting. The term of service is 3.5 years (with a 6-month overlap between coordinators). Members interested in serving in this role should submit an application.
  • ASTE Operating Committee Members
    • ASTE has eight different Operating Committees, each of which is chaired by a Board Member. Committee members serve a two or three-year term that begins and ends at our annual meeting, as outlined in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Applications to serve on an Operating Committee are due in November annually. Submit your application here.
  • Ad-Hoc Committee Members
    • Ad-Hoc Committees may be formed for a specific length of time to focus on a particular objective or task. Members are appointed by the President as outlined in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Elected Positions

ASTE elected positions are filled through a nomination process. The Elections Committee works independently of the Board to solicit nominations, review candidates, and form the slate. A vote of the membership is used to decide the candidates for each position. We encourage you to self-nominate or nominate a colleague to serve in these positions!

  • Board Members (Serve as Chairs of ASTE Committees)
  • President-Elect
  • Elections Committee Member