Award I, Level 1 – Criteria Score Sheet

ASTE Award I – Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year

Level 1: 0-10 Years Experience

This award is designed to recognize the personal achievements and contribution of persons in their first ten years as science teacher educators. The purpose of the award is to broaden awareness of individual contributions and to encourage continued leadership activity. A nomination may be made by an ASTE member who is cognizant of the qualifications of the nominee.

Committee member’s initials: __________ Rank order of Nominee: ________

Nominee: _____________________________________________________


Criteria Awarded Score/Possible Points

1. Competency in Teaching: This competency should be established by testimony of colleagues, student evaluations, requests for demonstration teaching, creative lessons or materials, instructional models and strategies, etc. _________/10
2. Development of Science Teacher Education Programs: These types of programs may be preservice, inservice, or graduate. The report shall specify the role of the nominee in the program including information on conceptualization and/or activity in field-based programs, grants, source or absence of funding, evaluation activities, etc. _________/10
3. Research Activities: Quality as well as quantity of research will be considered. Presentation at regional and national conferences and publications in referred journals are expected. Theoretical basis, clarity, relevance of topics, rationale, appropriateness of design, validity and reliability of instrumentation, and credibility of conclusions are essential factors for judgment. Impact of research on policy or practice in science education is another expectation. Participation in team or broad area research activities will be considered. _________/10
4. Science Curricula: Work toward the development of science curricula. Statements of associates describing in detail the role of contributions of the nominee are expected. _________/10
5. Leadership-Science Teacher Education: Service in a leadership capacity to professional organizations and institutions related to science teacher education. A list of services or leadership rendered and letters of recommendations are suggested. _________/10
6. Leadership-External: Recognition of work in broader aspects of education and government. Influence and recognition regionally or nationally for significant contributions. Specific description of activities and impact should be included. _________/10