Award IV – Criteria Score Sheet

ASTE Award IV: Innovation in Teaching Science Teachers

This award seeks to encourage the development and dissemination of new designs for courses and curricula, new instructional methods and approaches, and other types of innovations in the pre- or in-service education of teachers of science. Papers may deal with practices for practices for preparation of elementary, middle school, or secondary teachers.

Committee member’s initials:__________ Rank order of Nominee:________



Criteria Awarded Score/Possible Points

1.     Innovation: the manuscript is current and explicitly identifies what the innovation is and how it is an innovative practice. _________/30
2.     Evidence of Effectiveness: Provides rigorous empirical evidence that the innovation was implemented and effectively addressed a measure of student or course outcomes. _________/20
3.     Research/Theory Base: provides a well-reasoned rationale for how the innovation is consistent with best practices in science teacher education and consistent with existing literature and theoretical frameworks. _________/20
4.     Possibility for Generalizability: Describes how the innovation could be used in other contexts or scaled to a larger degree and how the innovation is relevant and appeals to a broad audience of science educators who prepare in-service or pre-service teachers. _________/10
5.     Responds to Recognized Weaknesses: Acknowledges and counters weaknesses/limitations associated with the innovation. _________/10
6.     Clarity of Communication: Written in a clear, unambiguous, and succinct manner. _________/10
TOTAL: _________/100