Award V – Criteria Score Sheet

ASTE Award V: Implications for Research for Educational Practice

This award is designed to stimulate the writing of creative paper that interprets theory and research for practice. Papers submitted for the award should identify a persistent and recurring problem in the practice of science teacher education. The author should develop strategies to resolve the problem based upon a comprehensive synthesis of relevant research literature.

Committee member’s initials:__________ Rank order of Nominee:________



Criteria Awarded Score/Possible Points

1.     Problem: Describes a significant problem in science teacher education related to policy, supervision, curriculum, instruction, and assessment in science teacher education. _________/10
2.    Rationale: Presents a clear rationale, model, and/or theoretical framework to address the described problem _________/10
3.    Literature Review: Thorough literature review providing an overview of existing research and evidence related to the problem. _________/20
4.    Research Synthesis or Methodology: Provides a thorough synthesis of a body or research to develop an argument for addressing the described problem OR provides a detailed methodology and results from an original empirical study of the described problem _________/20
5.    Implications: Provides information that is relevant and useful for classroom teachers and/or teacher educators. Illustrates in detail how research findings may be applied to teaching and learning.  Suggests implications that have the potential to make a significant impact on the described problem. _________/30
6.    Quality of writing: Written in a clear, unambiguous, and succinct manner. _________/10