Call for Articles for Winter 2021 Newsletter

Dear ASTE Board & Members, 

I am soliciting contributions for the Winter ASTE Newsletter. If you have a short piece/announcement that would be beneficial to ASTE members you would like included in the newsletter, please send it to by February 5th so that I can assemble this edition and get it off for review before being shared with the full ASTE community. 

Regional Directors! Don’t forget to share with me what’s going in your region!

I am also looking for some ideas for the Op Ed piece for future issues. IF you have something interesting, thought-provoking or related to any current events, please email me with a short description of your idea. 

Also, if you have any new resources or publications, let me know that too! Send me a short blurb with the appropriate information for how to access it and I will get it published too!

If you have any questions or require guidance regarding the newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Please include a head shot with your email so I can include it with your submission. Because I want to continue to connect all ASTE members with each other, I value these photos. Therefore, be warned that if you do not share a photo, I will be pulling images from online (e.g., linkedin, university faculty pages, past newsletters…). 


Jennifer Oramous, ASTE Newsletter Editor