Call for ASTE 2019 Thread Coordinators

ASTE is recruiting Thread Coordinators for the 2019 Conference in Savannah, GA. Thread Coordinators analyze information submitted by individual proposal reviewers and make recommendations to the Conference Program Coordinator about which proposals should be included in the conference. They also suggest ways that accepted proposals might be grouped to create coherent sessions. Most of the Thread Coordinator’s work takes place in late July to mid-August. It can all be done electronically. The 2019 Threads and list of tasks and timelines are included below. Our goal is to have two Coordinators for each strand.

If you are interested in serving as a Thread Coordinator, please email Meredith McAllister, ASTE Conference Program Coordinator, at, copied to Bob Hollon, ASTE Executive Director ( with contact information and your strand preference. Please submit information no later than June 27, 2018. If you have already contacted Meredith or one of the conference chairs about serving as a coordinator for 2019, please let us know so we can update our lists. You must be a current (2018) ASTE member to serve as a coordinator.

 Tasks and Timeline

During late July and early August . . .

  1. Work with the other Coordinator in your thread to monitor reviews (John Rhea will provide you with access to the reviewers decisions within the ASTE website). A list of your reviewers and proposal numbers assigned will be forwarded to Coordinators (from the Program Coordinator) to help keep track of who’s doing what.
  2. Work with the Conference Program Coordinator (Meredith McAllister) and Director of Electronic Services (John Rhea) if a proposal needs to be reassigned. Reviewers should contact you if there is a concern about the thread, if they receive their own proposal or have any other conflicts with any of their assignments so you could reassign the papers.

As the August 10, 2018 review deadline (approximately) approaches . . .

  1. On August 5, contact any reviewers whose work is not submitted to remind them of the August 10th due date. As the reviews come in, you can start compiling your recommendations (using the decision to accept/accept, or if space/reject) within the provided Excel spreadsheet. Each proposal is reviewed by two ASTE members–if the two reviewers are not in agreement, you will need to assign a third reviewer or do your own review in order to reach a recommendation. The final proposal decision for “accept if space” will be made by the Program Coordinator (using considerations such as total number of proposals accepted, conference space, etc.).

By August 24, 2018:

  1. Send a list of recommendations to the Conference Program Chair ( that includes:
  2. Determine your recommendations for each proposal (Accept, Accept if Space, Reject) and come to an agreement with your co-coordinator. You will be provided a spreadsheet to record your final recommendations. Each proposal assigned to your strand, regardless of session type, must be listed on the spreadsheet.
  3. Suggested groupings (for sessions with traditional papers) that would fit well together into the same time slot should be provided in the spreadsheet. The Conference Program Coordinator will try to accommodate these suggestions into the final program, if conference space/time allows.
  4. If you receive recommendations from reviewers or you decide to change the format of a proposed session e.g., a reviewer thinks a poster should be a paper, please review the proposal before proceeding with the recommendation. Be sure to contact the first author to make sure they are aware of the change. This will avoid any confusion if the first author doesn’t read the acceptance letter carefully and assumes that the proposal was accepted under the submitted format.