Call for ASTE Newsletter pieces

We are soliciting contributions for the ASTE Newsletter. If you have a short piece/announcement that would be beneficial to ASTE members you would like included in the newsletter, please submit it via this Google form.

Deadlines are as follows:

Autumn Issue            October 10th

Winter Issue              February 10th

Spring Issue              May 10th

Summer Issue          August 10th

If you have any questions about submissions or guidelines, please email 

Regional Directors! Don’t forget to share with me what’s going in your region!

Committee and Forum Chairs! Let us know of the important work you are doing for ASTE!

We are also looking for some ideas for the Op Ed pieces for future issues. If you have something interesting, thought-provoking, or related to any current events, please submit with a short description of your idea on the Google Form. 

Also, if you have any new resources or publications, let us know about those too! Send us a short blurb with the appropriate information about how to access it and we will share with our readers. 

Please include a head shot so we can include it with your submission.  We want to connect ASTE members with each other, so we value these photos. Be warned, if you do not share a photo, we will pull images from the Web (e.g., Linkedin, university faculty pages, past newsletters…😊). 

We look forward to seeing your submissions!