Call for Panelists for ASTE Position Statement Review Panels

In accordance with our Statement of Operating Procedures (SOPs), official ASTE Position Statements should undergo a review a minimum of every 5 years. We are now seeking members to volunteer as panelists to review the following position statements*:  

Panelists will be responsible for reviewing the position statements to determine necessary revisions. Alternatively, a panel may recommend a position statement be retired/archived if there is a significantly reduced membership attention, relevance, or need for this position statement. 

If revisions are made, a preliminary draft of the revised Position Statement should be disseminated widely for membership feedback and input. Panels should consider this input in order to prepare a final draft for Board approval. If the recommendation is retirement, the panel should provide a rationale that addresses the following areas as appropriate: The need for the position statement, the impact of the position statement on ASTE, and/or the relevance of the topic to the mission of ASTE.

Prospective panelists should indicate their interest by completing this online form by August 1, 2021. The President will appoint a chair for each panel and identify a Board Liaison to assist the panel in completing its charge.  If you have questions, please contact Debi Hanuscin, ASTE President.  Recommendations for the development of new Position Statements can be submitted to the ASTE Board by formal motion by Committees, Forum, or Regions or by any member. Please see our SOPs for further information about that process. The current call pertains only to review of the existing Position Statements.