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Thank you for joining The Association for Science Teacher Education for the 2024 calendar year. Your membership provides a variety of benefits and opportunities that you’re encouraged to explore:

ASTE Regions also support groups of members in networking to support one another’s work. Membership in ASTE regions is open to all members. Typically, these are the states associated with each U.S. region and International region. Membership in a small, close-knit regional community offers the following additional opportunities and benefits: 

  • Networking, collaborating, and making connections with new and veteran ASTE members.
  • The chance to share ideas and get feedback/encouragement in a more intimate setting, before the International ASTE meeting.
  • Formative experiences presenting research for graduate students.
  • Service opportunities within a region can be a launching pad for service to the larger ASTE international organization.

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On behalf of the Membership and Participation committee and the ASTE Board of Directors, I thank you for your membership and look forward to connecting with you through the upcoming year.

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