Good News for JSTE

The Journal of Science Teacher Education (JSTE), by virtue of its membership in Scopus (the largest database of peer reviewed journals), is now approved for subsidies by South African authors. In South Africa, and many other countries, authors receive subsidies for articles that they publish in peer-reviewed journals. Until now, South African authors were hesitant to send their manuscripts to JSTE because they would receive no credit for publishing in our journal. The South African government has just approved subsidies for journals included in Scopus because of the quality and notoriety of journals in the database. Our journal has been receiving much more attention internationally because of the clearly international Editorial Board and Editorial Review Board members. The international “flavor” of the journal has been created in our attempts to become ISI accredited. Many countries only give credit to authors if they publish in ISI (Institute of Scientific Information) journals. Hence, our journal achieving this accreditation is of paramount significance. The current rise in JSTE’s status is at least partially due to the work of recent Publications Committee members, including Gillian Roehrig, Valarie Akerson, and Meredith Park Rogers. Much credit also must go to ASTE Past-President Joanne Olson. We are definitely moving in the right direction, with many more exciting ASTE announcements to come over the next few years.