JSTE Temporarily Suspending Printing

Dear ASTE Community,

I have received the following information from Taylor & Francis:

Due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to share an important update with our society partners, on decisions we’ve made to manage publishing operations during the pandemic.
With great reluctance we have decided to stop printing journals from 10 April until further notice.

We are seeing disruption to the distribution supply chain for printed journals: as of the first week of April the postal services of 42 countries have stopped accepting inward deliveries. In addition, many air mail services in and out of our major print hubs in the UK, US and Singapore are no longer operating due to reduced air freight capacity. Finally, a significant number of institutions we mail journals to are closed for business and are no longer accepting post.

We apologize for how this will affect you and your members, and want to reassure you that online access to our journal content is not affected. Your journal(s) will continue to publish online according to their usual schedules on our journal platform, Taylor & Francis Online.

We plan to resume printing in May and, at the point we do start to print again, your members will receive the print issues that would have been dispatched during the period in which printing ceased. We will keep the situation under close review, especially with regard to public health concerns, and keep you updated with any changes.
Please view the following page with information on FAQs. Feel free to share this information with your members so they are aware of this change.

Kind regards.
Kate Popejoy, PhD
ASTE Executive Director