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  • Each ASTE Conference Thread is led by a team of two coordinators. Thread Coordinators are appointed to serve as co-chairs for each of the ASTE Conference Threads. Thread Coordinators are appointed by and work under the supervision of the Conference Program Coordinator, who sends out the call for Thread Coordinators annually in spring. Thread Coordinators are responsible for evaluating the reviews of each proposal and making a recommendation to accept/accept if space/reject). Thread Coordinators also review any thread-specific Work in Progress Poster proposals to ensure their relevancy to ASTE and their thread. The term of service is two years, and begins/ends at the Thread Coordinators meeting held at the ASTE conference (both outgoing and incoming Thread Coordinators attend the meeting). Appointments occur annually to allow overlap between incoming and outgoing coordinators. Thread Coordinators must be members in good standing of ASTE.