Annual Meeting Registration

Details for the Annual Conference Registration & Membership Application

Anyone who plans on attending the annual conference may use the online registration form, regardless of whether you are or wish to be an ASTE member.

Your order may be paid online through PayPal or using a credit card. Online processing is immediate and a detailed receipt of your payment will be emailed to you. Payment can also be made through postal mail using a check, money order or credit card. The processing time through postal mail is approximately two weeks.

If you wish to pay for membership and conference registration separately (e.g. you pay membership and your institution pays for conference registration), you must go through the online form twice. First go through the online form and complete only the membership portion of the order form.  After payment is received you will receive an email receipt (This is immediate when paying online, two weeks through postal mail). Next, log back into the online form and complete the conference registration portion of the order form.  The system will know that you have already paid to be a 2022 ASTE member and will have you register for the conference at the discounted membership rate.

Questions? Email Dr. Kate Popejoy, ASTE Executive Director, at


Member Registration  – Available to all who are currently ASTE 2022 members or choose to join ASTE for the 2022 calendar year at the same time as registering for the 2022 International Conference.
Pricing: $50

Student Member Registration  – Available to all who are currently ASTE 2022 student members or choose to join ASTE  at the student membership level for the 2022 calendar year at the same time as registering for the 2022 International Conference.  Please note: you must qualify as a student member in order to register for the 2022 International Conference at the student price.  Please see qualification details under the “types of membership” heading on this page.
Pricing: $35

Spouse/Partner Registration  – Available to a spouse/partner of an ASTE member who will be attending the conference. Spouse/Partner Registration can not be completed online.  After completing the online registration form for yourself, email Kate Popejoy at to obtain a spouse/partner paper registration form.
Pricing: $50

Non-ASTE Member Registration –
Available to anyone wishing to attend the conference without joining ASTE for 2022.
Pricing: $185


Refund Policy: It is ASTE’s policy that registration refunds and changes of category will not be approved unless requests are received at least three weeks prior to the start of the conference.  Requests should be addressed to the ASTE Executive Director.  Sales of all other items, such as membership dues, journal subscriptions, conference workshops and events, and conference tours, are final.

Exceptions to the policy may be requested in emergency situations.  They will be reviewed by the ASTE Executive Director and Executive Committee.