Success in Science Education: Where are we and where are we headed?

2013 Southeastern Regional Meeting

Join us in Statesboro, GA on October 11-12, 2013

We are happy to announce that the Southeastern Association of Science Teacher Education Annual Meeting will be held at Georgia Southern University, October 11-12, 2013. The title for this year’s conference will be “Success in Science Education: Where are we and where are we headed?”  What we are trying to capture within this title is the state of the art in science education in terms of accountability. What is implied in the theme is to ask who owns science education: us as science educators or the current framework that defines education? If we were to increase by 100% the number of people in STEM, increase by 100% participation of currently underrepresented population members in STEM fields, increase by 100% the number of students who score in the 90th percentile of science standardized tests, and eliminate the masculinity of science completely, would we then be considered successful in science education? We think the answers, if any, lie in the idea that being a science educator and determining success may be no longer in our hands. Before we lose the ability to effect the future of science education, we believe we must agree that what we are doing is not working and complexify the status quo in science education. All is not lost, but drastic changes may be necessary if we want to have a part in how “success” in science education is defined. In creating our theme, we are left with more questions that answers. We encourage you to join the conversation by submitting presentations and position papers on how you think success is or should be defined in science education. More details to follow at