Why Science Education?

2022 International Conference

Join us in Greenville, SC on January 5-8, 2022

2022 Conference Theme: Why science education?

Physicist James Trefil suggested that before we can answer the question of what constitutes good science education and how to teach, we must first consider the why.  As we heal from the pandemic, consider the impacts of climate change, social justice issues, and learn from robots exploring the surface of Mars, we have chosen as the conference theme “Why Science Education?” as an invitation to reflect upon and explore the why, what and how of science education in the 21st century.


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Science Teacher Shuffle

As you are in the thick of this academic year and start thinking ahead to ASTE, remember there’s a great way to start off the conference. Yes, it’s the Science Teacher Shuffle! We’ll again be meeting in the conference hotel lobby on Thursday at 6:45 AM to kick off the conference on the “right foot!” Join us for a 3 mile fun run or a 2 mile walk. Swamp Rabbit trail is about a 4 minute walk from the hotel, and I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with a little exercise in a non-threatening atmosphere, with terrific company! The race is free! So all you need do is complete the 2022 Fun Run Waiver and email or snail mail it to me! Hope you will join us!

Conference Planning Committee

  • Committee Chair, Andrea Carneal Burrows
  • Local Conference Chair: Michael Svec
  • Program Coordinator, Brooke Whitworth
  • Graduate Student Member, Drew Gossen
  • Ex Officio Members:
  • ASTE President, Debi Hanuscin
  • Director of Electronic Services, John Rhea
  • Equity Committee Representative, Phillip Short 
  • Executive Director, Kate Popejoy

Local Planning Team:

  • Jennifer Albert, Nate Carnes,  Cynthia Deaton, Merrie Koester, Christine Lotter, Stephen Thompson, Meta Van Sickle, William Veal

Conference Volunteers: 

Learn more about how you can volunteer to serve as an ASTE Thread Coordinator, Conference Proposal Reviewer, or Session Presider for the upcoming meeting!