Melissa Demetrikopoulos's Profile
Southeastern Region

Melissa Demetrikopoulos

Institute for Biomedical Philosophy Program Development and Assessment

Bio/Personal Statement

Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos, Ph.D. is the Director of Scientific Communications at the Institute for Biomedical Philosophy and holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Melissa is the incoming chair of the STEM Education and Training Group of the American Evaluation Association and provides guidance for professional development in this area including collaborating with NSF Centers that are available to support PI’s engaged in STEM education grants. Dr. Demetrikopoulos regularly conducts culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate mixed methods evaluations and Educational Research.

Professional Interests

Melissa’s research interests include Partnership formation, Broadening participation, Scientific literacy, and enhancement of academic support and research opportunities for underrepresented minorities including examining strategies that support student success in research. She also provides professional development training on inter-institutional collaborations, building consensus, and partnership formation. Dr. Demetrikopoulos facilitates partnership formation between majority serving and minority serving institutions and between K-12, undergraduate serving and medical institutions and has developed culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate approaches to support representation of minoritized participant voices. Dr. Demetrikopoulos is committed to the public’s scientific literacy and has previously served on the Society for Neuroscience Committee on Neuroscience Literacy as well as continues to serve on the National Marine Education Association’s Ocean Literacy Committee. Furthermore, she was instrumental in the development of a scientific literacy scale for incoming freshman from diverse institutions which assesses a number of different dimensions of scientific literacy that predict academic preparedness for STEM course work.

Publications, Awards, and Other Highlights

Dr. Demetrikopoulos is an elected fellow of AAAS and was honored for her “distinguished contributions to evaluation of programs that enhance STEM diversity, undergraduate and graduate education, and for special contributions to gifted education.” In addition, Melissa was named to the Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence Honor Roll and received a White House invitation to First in the World Evaluator Spotlight. She has publications on STEM research, STEM education, and STEM education research and has given over 130 presentations, talks and workshops at conferences and professional development training programs. She has extensive experience with federally funded projects (e.g. NSF, NIH, CDC, and US Dept of Ed) as well as privately funded educational projects (e.g. UNCF, HHMI, and Susan G Komen) and currently serves as co-PI on a Track 4 Noyce project and as external evaluator and research consultant on a number of NSF funded projects.