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North-East Region

Holly Plank

University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Bio/Personal Statement

Holly Plank is a Graduate Student Researcher, PhD candidate, and STEM teacher educator in the Learning Sciences and Policy (LSAP) program in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leading in the School of Education. Her research interests include teacher education, STEAM, teacher coaching, computational thinking, and environmental justice. Holly's background is in Earth and Space Science Secondary Education. She is a former middle school science and physical science teacher, department chair, school leader, and instructional coach. As an instructional coach, Holly supported preservice and novice K-12 teachers in various core subjects and STEM electives with curriculum development, culturally sustaining pedagogy, learning environment planning, family engagement, real-time coaching, and more. She earned her Master's in Educational Administration, Curriculum, and Supervision from the University of Oklahoma and has served as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development and Science Content Facilitator with Teach for America-Greater Tulsa as well a School Director with Teach for America's National Institute.

Professional Interests

As a researcher, Holly Plank has experience in research-practice partnerships. She worked on a PA Smarts grant focused on computational thinking and collaborative problem solving that involved quantitative and qualitative data collection from students and teachers at five school sites, data analysis, and communication of results and implications. She also supported the launch of a research-practice partnership at MuseumLab between the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and Manchester Academic Charter School. She is currently working on two grant-funded projects that support in-service teachers in integrating content like environmental justice and data science and English Language Arts and computer science to support historically underrepresented students. At Pitt, Holly has served as a teaching assistant, instructor of record, and teacher candidate coach in the Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Publications, Awards, and Other Highlights

Plank, H., Anderson, E., & Quigley, C.F. (2023). “Leveraging University Partners as Brokers to Navigate Research Practice Partnerships During Intertwined Global Pandemics” In School-University-Community Research in a (Post) COVID-19 World. Part of Current Perspectives on School/University/Community Research Series. Series edited by R. Martin Reardon and Jack Leonard. Plank, H. (2022). Critical technology integration in pursuit of a liberatory engineering education. In Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Pittsburgh, PA. Herro, D., Quigley, C., Plank, H. & Abimbade, D. (2022). Instructional Practices Promoting Computational Thinking in STEAM Elementary Classrooms. Journal of Digital Literacy and Teacher Education. Herro, D., Quigley, C.F., Plank, H., & Abimbade, D. (2021). Understanding Students’ Peer Interactions During Making Activities Designed to Promote Computational Thinking. Journal of Educational Research. DOI: 10.1080/00220671.2021.1884824 Quigley, C.F., Herro, D., King, E., and Plank, H. (2020) STEAM Designed and Enacted: Understanding the Process of Design and Implementation of STEAM Curriculum in an Elementary School. Journal of Science and Technology Education. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10956-020-09832-w 2023 CADRE Fellow Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education 2023 Outstanding Research Paper Award Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education This award is in recognition of the single article from the prior volume year with the highest possibility to advance the field of teacher education based on the criteria of potential impact and contribution, innovativeness, and generalizability or usability. Instructional Practices Promoting Computational Thinking in STEAM Elementary Classrooms 2022 Mascaro Center Sustainability Award Environmental Justice Freedom Seminars