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Laura Rodriguez

Eastern Connecticut State University Education Curriculum and Instruction

Bio/Personal Statement

Laura Rodriguez is an assistant professor of science education at Eastern Connecticut State University. Her journey in education began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador, South America where she realized the impact that education can have on people’s lives. Her K-12 teaching career spanned more than 20 years teaching grades four to ten in four states although the majority of her time was devoted to middle school science. In her teaching career, she developed integrated STEM project-based learning units, which were aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, math, and English common core standards. She received her Ph.D. in secondary science education from the University of Connecticut in May of 2020 after working as a graduate research assistant on a study funded by the National Science Foundation titled: Promoting lifelong STEM learning through a focus on geospatial technology and community engagement. A lifelong STEM learner herself, her research focus is on the development of a disciplinary identity as a STEM learner throughout the lifespan.

Professional Interests

STEM Identity Informal STEM learning K-12 engineering education Environmental education

Publications, Awards, and Other Highlights

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