Learn from ASTE Award Winners

The ASTE Awards Committee has asked our prestigious award winners from the past five years to share their knowledge, experience, and research via a roundtable or a session. Please join us online in October to learn about their accomplishments as well as learn more about the criteria for the various ASTE Awards. Details are below:

Science Education Career Award Winners

When: Thursday, October 13th, 5-6 pm (EST)
Who: Awards I, II, and III winners 
Format: Roundtable

Manuscript Award Winners

When: Thursday, October 27th, 5-6 pm (EST)
Who: Awards IV and V winners
Format: Concurrent sessions

Please RSVP using this Google Form:

ASTE: Writing for Journals Webinar

In the recording below, join the ASTE Professional Development Committee and the Editors of the Journal of Science Teacher EducationInnovations in Science Teacher Education, and the CITE Science Section for a conversation on publishing in these journals. Sample exemplary articles and the review process are shared. And of course, time was provided for questions and brainstorming areas of research that the journals would like to see.

Submitting to the Winter ASTE Newsletter

We are searching for contributions for the Winter ASTE Newsletter. If you have a short piece/announcement that would be beneficial to ASTE members you would like included in the newsletter, please submit it via this Google form submit via this form: by February 10th We are seeking participants from the field trips to write a short summary of their adventures for a feature in this issue of the newsletter. Please provide a 300-500 word summary of your adventures and any pictures that might enhance the piece. Also if you have general pictures from the conference please consider submitting them in the Google Form above for us to include in a collage of the conference. 

ASTE Mentoring Program

The Membership and Participation Committee is excited to facilitate connecting mentors and mentees at the 2022 ASTE Conference. We would love to make these connections as meaningful and seamless as possible, so we have created forms to collect a bit of information from you if you are interested in being involved as a mentor or mentee. You can find these forms below. Our goal is to match people by early December and send matches out to you around that time. In order to achieve our goal, we ask that you provide us with the information in the forms below by no later than November 24th. Once you have your mentor/mentee match, we will let you know of opportunities we have set aside during the conference when you can meet up. We look forward to the mentor/mentee connections that will be made during this year’s conference!

Mentor/Mentee Match Information Forms: Please fill out the form which best fits your desired role for the 2022 ASTE Conference.

I’m interested in BEING A MENTOR at the 2022 ASTE Conference:

I’m interested in BEING A MENTEE at the 2022 ASTE Conference:

If you have any questions, please contact Mandy Smith:

It’s time to vote in the ASTE Elections

Greetings ASTE Members!

ASTE elections will run from October 13, 2021 through November 27, 2021. The slate of candidates is listed below.

The ballot and candidate background information are available at

You must be a current member and logged in to view the information and cast your vote.

President (1)
Ian Binns
Andrea Burrows
David Crowther
Board at Large (2)
Mark Bloom
Lisa Borgerding
Julie Contino
Rita Hagevik Elections
Elections Committee (3)
Selina Bartels
Mike Borowczak
Natasha Cooke-Nieves
Ron Hermann
Jessica Riccio
Preethi Titu

Questions should be directed to Amanda Glaze at or Jeanne Wieselmann at

Technical difficulties should be referred to Director of Electronic Services, John Rhea, at

The ASTE Elections Committee

Call for Panelists for ASTE Position Statement Review Panels

In accordance with our Statement of Operating Procedures (SOPs), official ASTE Position Statements should undergo a review a minimum of every 5 years. We are now seeking members to volunteer as panelists to review the following position statements*:  

Panelists will be responsible for reviewing the position statements to determine necessary revisions. Alternatively, a panel may recommend a position statement be retired/archived if there is a significantly reduced membership attention, relevance, or need for this position statement. 

If revisions are made, a preliminary draft of the revised Position Statement should be disseminated widely for membership feedback and input. Panels should consider this input in order to prepare a final draft for Board approval. If the recommendation is retirement, the panel should provide a rationale that addresses the following areas as appropriate: The need for the position statement, the impact of the position statement on ASTE, and/or the relevance of the topic to the mission of ASTE.

Prospective panelists should indicate their interest by completing this online form by August 1, 2021. The President will appoint a chair for each panel and identify a Board Liaison to assist the panel in completing its charge.  If you have questions, please contact Debi Hanuscin, ASTE President.  Recommendations for the development of new Position Statements can be submitted to the ASTE Board by formal motion by Committees, Forum, or Regions or by any member. Please see our SOPs for further information about that process. The current call pertains only to review of the existing Position Statements.