Forums are committees dedicated to supporting ASTE member interests and commitments.  Forums serve the interests of the membership by influencing the policy, procedures, and activities of the Association with the assistance of the Board of Directors. Forums are responsible for the recruitment and maintenance of their own membership; for communication among members; and for selecting their own projects, goals, and activities.  Each Forum chair will be expected to provide a written report to the Board of Directors (Winter and Summer). Established Forums may access all ASTE support structures by following the policies and procedures that exist for the Association.  For instance, Forums may suggest keynote speakers or conference strands by working through the Conference Program Committee, may recommend publications by working with the Publications Committee, or may work to enhance membership by working with the Membership and Participation and Committee.

To join a forum, you can check the box when you join/renew your membership to indicate which forum(s) you are interested in (the Forum chairs will be notified), just show up at the Forum meeting at the Annual Conference, or contact the Forum chair(s) directly.  

To create a Forum, a petition of 10 members of the Association must be forwarded to the Board of Directors.  The petition should include the following: Name of the Forum; purpose; name of a long-term contact person; description of chair selection and rotation; the administrative structure of the Forum; and potential plans of action.

Environmental Education (EE) Forum

The Environmental Education Forum is dedicated to members’ interests in Environmental Education topics as they relate to science teacher education. This forum provides instructional support and professional development for issues related to environmental education as they pertain to science teacher education. The forum has compiled a list of EE Resources and organizes events at our annual ASTE conference.

Chairs: Matthew Clay and Tammie Peffer

Graduate Student Forum

The Graduate Student Forum is dedicated to increasing graduate student involvement in ASTE as well as providing resources to graduate students to aid them in their scholarship and careers. Through the efforts of our group, ASTE passed a bylaws change to add a graduate student representative to the ASTE Board of Directors! The forum sponsors a Graduate Student Luncheon and workshop at our annual meeting, and hosts a Three-Minute Thesis competition. Recent events include the 2022 “Mini-in-May” conference online. Learn More

  • President: Sabrina Avila
  • Vice-President: Meredith Schwendemann
  • President-Elect: Jenna Gist

Inclusive Science Education Forum (ISEF)

The Inclusive Science Education Forum is dedicated to developing ways to enable ASTE members to improve understanding and sensitivity to human diversity. The Forum is concerned with science teacher education as it pertains to teaching science to students with disabilities and/or students whose race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender have alienated them from full participation in science. The Forum acts as an umbrella group within which operates more focused interest areas, such as those listed above. The Forum works closely with the ASTE Equity Committee, and its members collaborated to produce the book Towards the Inclusion of All Learners through Science Teacher Education. 

For additional information, please visit the ISEF website.

Chairs: Sahrish Panjwani and Teresa Shume

Methods in Elementary Education Forum

We are the newest ASTE Forum, established in 2021! The purpose of this forum is to better support science teachers educators in the eduction of preservice elementary teachers. The forum works to promote collaboration and sharing of innovative practice among ASTE members who teach elementary science methods courses. This forum invites you to contribute to our collection of syllabi, assignments, and resources on our Google Site.

Chair: Heather Lavender 

Science Teacher Residencies Forum

The Science Teacher Residencies Forum is dedicated to surfacing and sharing effective practices for science teacher residency programs among ASTE members. Residencies vary but may be defined as an apprenticeship of at least a year of clinical experience, where teacher candidates work alongside a mentor teacher of record while also completing coursework. The purpose of this forum is to gather resources that are specific to these types of residencies in order to improve our understanding, inform our work, and to provide support for others engaging in new program development. Additionally, the forum hosts 2-3 webinar discussions annually in order to highlight the work of our members and to inform others on residency-related topics.

Chair: Julie Contino

Technology Forum

The Technology Forum is dedicated to the member interest in technology in science education topics as they relate to science teacher education. This forum assists ASTE members and other science teacher educators in the pursuit of integrating technology appropriately in science teacher education. The forum also advises the board on policy and issues pertaining to technology in science teacher education. The forum communicates, when appropriate, with associations regarding technology issues in science teacher education (e.g., SITE, NSTA, and ISTE). The Technology Forum selects the winner of the National Technology Leadership Initiative (NTLI) Fellowship each year. The Chair of the Technology Forum also serves as Chair of Science Education SIG at SITE. The Chair’s duties include overseeing the NTLI Fellowship according to the duties provided in the table below, and organizing the annual forum meeting.

Chair: Nathan Dolenc and Nicholas Lux

Women in Science Education (WISE)

The Women In Science Education (WISE) Forum is dedicated to sharing and examining issues faced by women in science education. The forum discusses current and relevant issues in an informal learning community embracing women’s ways of knowing and communicating. The forum aims to provide mentoring, and to identify and collaborate on common research interests. We welcome you to join our Facebook Group, or to join us at the WISE dinner at the annual meeting.

Chair: Jessica Riccio