ASTE forums exist to provide members full participation in organizational activities.  These are open, requiring no appointment or election.  Forums generally meet at the annual ASTE conference and on an as-needed basis.

Environmental Education (EE) Forum

The Environmental Education Forum is dedicated to members’ interests in Environmental Education topics as they relate to science teacher education. This forum provides instructional support and professional development for issues related to environmental education as they pertain to science teacher education. The forum has compiled a list of EE Resources

Graduate Student Forum

The Graduate Student Forum is dedicated to increasing graduate student involvement in ASTE as well as providing resources to graduate students to aid them in their scholarship and careers. A current board position will be modified to include serving as the liaison to the graduate student forum.

Inclusive Science Education Forum (ISEF)

The Inclusive Science Education Forum is dedicated to developing ways to enable ASTE members to improve understanding and sensitivity to human diversity. The Forum is concerned with science teacher education as it pertains to teaching science to students with disabilities and/or students whose race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender have alienated them from full participation in science. The Forum acts as an umbrella group within which operates more focused interest areas, such as those listed above.

Policy and Government Relations Forum

The Policy and Government Relations Forum is dedicated to inform policymakers at all levels of government and other stakeholders (e.g. the business community) about principles and practices for educating highly qualified science teachers. Forum members are engaged in becoming more informed about and involved in policymaking and legislative processes as they relate to the recruitment, education and licensure, and ongoing professional development of science teachers. The forum also serves to inform and educate ASTE members about policy-related issues and   to develop collaborations with other science education organizations (i.e. NSTA and NARST) in order to increase ASTE’s influence with regard to educational policy and legislation.

Small Colleges and Programs Forum

The Small Colleges and Programs Forum offers resources and collegial activities for faculty in small institutions or programs where they might be the only science educator. Individuals in these settings are often required to teach generalist as well as science education courses and carry out significant collegial, administrative and governance responsibilities while still meeting expectations for scholarly contributions, often without adequate resources or support.

Technology Forum

The Technology Forum is dedicated to the member interest in technology in science education topics as they relate to science teacher education. This forum assists ASTE members and other science teacher educators in the pursuit of integrating technology appropriately in science teacher education. The forum also advises the board on policy and issues pertaining to technology in science teacher education. The forum communicates, when appropriate, with associations regarding technology issues in science teacher education (e.g., SITE, NSTA, and ISTE). The Technology Forum selects the winner of the National Technology Leadership Initiative (NTLI) Fellowship each year. The Chair of the Technology Forum also serves as Chair of Science Education SIG at SITE. The Chair’s duties include overseeing the NTLI Fellowship according to the duties provided in the table below, and organizing the annual forum meeting.

Women in Science Education (WISE)

The Women In Science Education (WISE) Forum is dedicated to sharing and examining issues faced by women in science education. The forum discusses current and relevant issues in an informal learning community embracing women’s ways of knowing and communicating. The forum aims to provide mentoring, and to identify and collaborate on common research interests.