The ASTE Legacy Account

Are you looking for ways to support ASTE beyond your usual membership contributions?  Advocate for new or existing organization activities?  Include ASTE as part of your charitable giving?  The ASTE Legacy Account may be for you!

What is the ASTE Legacy Account?  The Legacy Account was established in response to requests from members who wanted a way to offer additional financial support to the organization as active members and as part of estate planning.  It is currently a Money Market account set up to track and manage donations separately from the general operating budget.  The current model allows us to directly receive and disburse funds.  We are also exploring ways to manage large donations where the principal is retained while the interest is disbursed.

How will my donation be used?  It’s up to you!  The Legacy Account was established to provide a way to donate money to the organization.  Your donation may be directed to support specific activities, such as graduate student travel to the conference or retaining speakers.  It could be used to encourage new initiatives or recognize achievements.  You could also make undirected donations to support the overall operation of the organization.

How can I donate?  Individual donations can be completed by entering an amount in the donation box on the ASTE membership or conference registration pages.  Your receipt will list the donation as a separate item.  You can also contact the ASTE Executive Director (see below) to discuss your donation.  That way, we can set up a procedure that is convenient and respects your goals.  It is possible to set up automatic monthly contributions, annual gifts, estate giving or direct donations with a check or bank transfer.

What about privacy?  ASTE will respect your wishes.  We will recognize donations at the annual business meeting, and at activities supported by donations.  While the Executive Director will know the identity of donors, if you prefer to remain anonymous your identity will not be revealed.

Is my donation tax deductible?  We will provide you with a letter acknowledging the amount of your contribution and any directions for disbursing funds.  ASTE is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Alabama, USA.  Your contribution may be wholly or partially tax-deductible.  Please consult your tax professional for further details.

Dr. Kate Popejoy
ASTE Executive Director
3451 S. 5th Avenue
Whitehall, PA 18052
office: 484.547.6046