Conference Volunteers

ASTE members play a vital role in making our annual conference a success! Please consider serving our association in one of the volunteer roles below. You must be a current (2021) member to be appointed to these positions. To volunteer, please fill out our online application.

Have a question about volunteering? Please contact our ASTE Conference Program Coordinator, Brooke Whitworth.

Thread Coordinators

Thread coordinators are appointed for a 2-year term. They work with the ASTE Program Coordinator to build the conference program by evaluating proposal reviews for their assigned conference thread, and making a final recommendation based on that to accept/reject proposals to the annual meeting. They also suggest ways that accepted proposals might be grouped to create coherent sessions. Most of the Thread Coordinators’ work takes place in late July to mid-August, and is conducted remotely.

Proposal Reviewers

Proposal reviewers are appointed annually to review proposals submitted to a particular conference thread using a set of review criteria as specified in the Call for Proposals. Reviews are managed online through the ASTE website, and are submitted electronically. Reviewers typically are responsible for reviewing 6-8 proposals, depending on the number of submissions and number of reviewers.

Session Presiders

Session presiders help ensure our annual meeting runs smoothly and is a positive experience for both presenters and attendees! Presiders identify and welcome the presenters to the assigned session, assist them in preparing to use the presentation equipment, and verify the order of presentations for the session. They also monitor time to ensure the session begins/ends as scheduled, and ensure that all presenters are provided their alotted time to speak. They facilitate question & answer from the audience, and thank presenters and attendees for participating in the session.