Hosting an ASTE International Conference

ASTE encourages any member(s) interested in hosting a conference to submit a proposal to the Executive Board of ASTE.  Hosting an ASTE annual meeting requires both a commitment and a great deal of responsibility.  A lot of time, energy and effort are needed during the proposing, planning, and implementing phases of hosting a conference.  All questions concerning the proposal process should be addressed to the ASTE Executive Director,

1. Choosing the Location

A. The Host Site

A number of factors need to be considered when selecting the host site.  The host site should be able to accommodate the ASTE membership with respect to both accommodations and conference facilities.  It should be near a major airport with adequate ground transportation to the hotel.  In addition, the location should offer a number of attractions including, but not limited to, educational, cultural, and recreational as well as restaurants, nightlife, and other places of interest for leisure and off-site excursions.

B. Choosing a Host Hotel

The ASTE annual meeting has traditionally been held at a hotel with a conference center.  The proposed hotel/conference center must have the facilities needed to accommodate attending ASTE members during all aspects of the conference.  For example, the hotel/conference center needs to have the following:

  • At least 300 guest rooms (typically 500 conference attendees)
  • At least 11 breakout rooms
  •  A large meeting room to hold general sessions and the Saturday Awards and Business Luncheon
  •  A pre-function area that provides adequate space and seating for socializing and breaks
  • An area for registration, preferably a room where computers and registration materials can be placed and secured during off-hours
  •  An area to serve as exhibit space (roughly 10 exhibitors)

In addition, the proposed hotel/conference center must have the resources and personnel needed to ensure that all arrangements are met and the conference runs smoothly. It is a good idea to also enlist the help of the local chamber of commerce, specifically the Visitors and Convention Bureau.

2. Guidelines for Proposals

Any ASTE member can submit a request to hold the ASTE International Conference in a city of their choice.  Certainly there is much time and energy associated with being a conference chair.

Proposals to host are to be submitted in two steps.  Step one is the submission of a preliminary proposal that includes pertinent information allowing the ASTE board to determine the appropriateness of the proposed site.  Step two is the submission of a full proposal, which includes more detail, such as hotel contract information and preliminary conference budget.  The Executive Director with help at all stages and will negotiate the final contracts.

A. Procedure for submitting:

  1. Compile Preliminary Proposal conference information (see below).
  2. Submit information to the ASTE Executive Director at
  3. Executive Director will review and ask for revisions/additional information as needed before forwarding to the president.
  4. Executive Director will forward preliminary proposal to the President & President will disseminate to the executive board for discussion.
  5. After the full board meets and discusses the proposal, the President will contact the author to discuss the board decision.
  6. If the proposal is approved, the Executive Director and conference chair(s) will work together to collect additional information (see full proposal details).  The Executive Director will negotiate all contracts.

B. Preliminary Proposal

The preliminary proposal should be submitted to the Executive Director ( at least twofull years prior to the date of the proposed meeting. Include the following information on the preliminary proposal.

  1. Name and Contact information as well as previous experience for Conference chair(s)
  2. Name and Contact information as well as previous experience for Program chair(s)
  3. Other key personnel and roles
  4. Location of conference: City, State
  5. Proposed year(s) and January dates to host conference
  6. Potential host hotels (at least 2 hotels)
    1. Area in city (include maps as needed)
    2. Number of guest rooms
    3. Estimate of guest room rate
    4. Number of conference rooms, size, and capacities (include floor map and room capacity charts)
    5. Hotel facilities; restaurants, bars, coffee shops, lounge areas, etc.
    6. Contact information for hotel sales staff
    7. Catering menu and pricing
    8. A/V department information and pricing
  7. Attractions within walking distance of hotel
  8. Potential tours
  9. Airport(s) and major airlines at location
    1. Distance from hotel
    2. Price for transportation from airport to hotel
  10. Typical weather in January
  11. Provide any other information that would be of value for the ASTE board deliberations

C. Full Proposal

Full proposals should include all the information included in the preliminary proposal plus the following:

  1. Proposed hotel contract  for at least two hotels
  2. Conference program schedule (outline)
  3. Conference budget (be sure to use real catering and AV costs from hotel)
  4. Keynote speakers
  5. Detailed transportation plan to/from airport
  6. Conference Theme

There will likely be additions to this information based on the specifics of the proposal, location, and personnel. Conference Chair(s) will work with the Executive Director to gather all information need in the full proposal.