The Association for Science Teacher Education is a non-profit professional organization composed of over 800 members from countries around the globe including teacher educators, scientists, science coordinators and supervisors, and informal science educators who prepare and provide professional development for teachers of science at all grade levels. The mission of the ASTE is to promote excellence in science teacher education world-wide through scholarship and innovation. 

At a time when campuses are moving teaching and learning online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASTE is poised to respond to the challenges we face as science teacher educators through the collective expertise and innovation of our  membership. Below are some ways ASTE members have begun to both access and share resources:

Please feel free to share with us other resources that you have found useful as you have moved to online teaching that you would recommend to others,  either through one of the means above, or by contacting the ASTE leadership. The ASTE Board of Directors is committed to providing support to our members, and will provide updates as new resources and information become available. 

The ASTE Board does not condone discrimination of any kind.