There are many committees that conduct the business of our Association. Full descriptions can be found in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


The purpose of the ASTE Awards Committee is to recommend policy to the Board of Directors related to Association awards and administer the awards program. The Awards Committee shall advertise awards, collect and evaluate nomination materials, and recommend awardees to the Board of Directors for confirmation.


The purpose of the ASTE Communications Committee is to manage and implement ASTE’s communications with members and the public.

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee oversees all aspects of the annual conference, working in collaboration with the Local Conference Chairs, Program Coordinator, Executive Director, and Director of Electronic Services.


The purpose of the ASTE Elections Committee (all are elected to this committee) is to develop a slate of nominees for all elected positions. This requires reviewing all nominations using the elections rubric to vet the candidates and participating in committee discussions regarding that review. The Elections Committee shall prepare a slate consisting of twice the number of Directors at Large candidates on the ballot than open positions, twice the number of Elections Committee candidates on the ballot than open positions and no more than three candidates for President. The Elections Committee is composed of five members; the chair and members of the committee may not be current members of the Board of Directors. Careful consideration of changes to the elections rubric is occasionally necessary to ensure that it is worded equitably and clearly.


The purpose of the ASTE Equity Committee is to ensure that equity issues (i.e., representation, access, and power) are addressed throughout the Association. This committee reviews and recommends policy and procedures to the Board of Directors, submits recommendations for committee appointment, oversees access for people with disabilities at the annual conference, and sponsors an equity workshop at the annual conference.

Membership & Participation

The purpose of the ASTE Membership and Participation Committee is to recruit and retain members in the Association and market the Association to potential members (international, underrepresented populations). This committee serves as liaison with other associations, recruiting potential members, providing new member services to support professional growth and active involvement in ASTE (e.g., coordinate a meet the mentor session and program at annual conference). This committee will access membership records to determine representation of groups and to assist in retention.

NSTA Partnership Committee

This committee works with the ASTE Representative to NSTA and the NSTA Preservice Director to develop synergistic activities between the organizations. Examples of synergistic activities include development of  conference programming across organizations, the NSTA/ASTE Co-Sponsored Web Seminar Series Preparing the Next Generation of Science Educators, and supporting NSTA’s student chapter program.


The purpose of the ASTE Oversight Committee is to provide oversight for various aspects of the current and future Association, study and provide recommendations related to Association history (including maintaining an archive), organizational health (including finance), and future needs and directions, and provides direction to the (ad hoc) Development Committee. Volunteers should have a wealth of prior ASTE experience such as previously serving as ASTE Board/President.

Professional Development

The purpose of the ASTE Professional Development Committee is to organize and coordinate professional development opportunities across the Association. This committee coordinates and implements workshops at the annual conference, facilitates opportunities for Professional Development Institutes for Science Teacher Educators, and works with other ASTE committees and forums.


The purpose of the ASTE Publications Committee is to recommend policy and advise the Board relative to publication activities sponsored by the Association. Current publications include: Journal of Science Teacher Education (JSTE), Innovations in Science Teacher Education (Innovations), the Science Section in Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE), an ASTE Newsletter (4 issues per year), and other special publication projects (e.g., book series, monographs, etc.)

**NOTE: Conference proceedings are also generated from the program and posted online following each annual international conference.

Regional Units

The purpose of the Committee of Regional Units is to: a) represent the interests/concerns of the Regional Units; b) communicate the work/actions of the Association to members of the regions; c) recommend policy to the Regions and/or the Board of Directors concerning regional matters  and d) elect Regional Representatives to serve on the ASTE Board of Directors.  The Committee of Regional Units has one voting member who is also an active ASTE member elected from each regional unit.  One Regional Representative each year begins a three year term as a member of the Board of Directors.  A Regional Representative will be appointed by the President-Elect to serve as chair of the Committee on Regional Units.


Committee membership begins in January after the close of the annual conference. Committee membership ends during the business meeting of the last year of the committee term. For example, a three-year committee appointment beginning in January 2021 would end in January 2024 at the business meeting thus allowing members three full conference cycles.   All committees will meet at least once at the annual conference and as needed through alternative formats throughout the year. In order to ensure that committees operate efficiently, each committee will have a chair appointed by the President-elect. Chairs of Operating Committees are members of the Board of Directors.